Wigan buy out Robinson's ARL contract

Wigan buy out Robinson's ARL contract

Post by WiganRLf » Fri, 24 Oct 1997 04:00:00

>I reported that on my Official Wigan Warriors Web site on Tuesday 21st.

Yeah, but I was waiting for the "official" news, rather than just the
speculation, rumour, promise etc :-).

The Press Association states that a phone call at midnight, last night,
confirmed the deal so your info on the 21st would appear to have been
telepathic or jumping the gun a bit.  If you got the info from the club, well
they would also appear to have been a bit quick off the mark.

BTW how come yours is the *official* page?  I thought you would be the last
person, as a member of SAC, the club would want to run its web site?

Wigan RLFC - Simply the best -
but trying hard to become the worst :-(

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Wigan buy out Robinson's ARL contract

Post by Michael Hollic » Sun, 26 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Putting info on a site is one thing, making it interesting is another.
Text, pictures and stuff from the Wigan magazine wouldn't be enough.

At the very least, to do the thing properly the club need it's own domain
name and commercial web space from a decent ISP. If you're going to have
interactive elements on a site, you simply can't do it on personal pages.

Long term I think the club should be selling merchandise, tickets you name
it via the web. There are plenty of supporters all over the world who would
appreciate this.

Get the professional in or risk looking daft.


PS. if anyone wants a Domino web site developing let me know, that's what I