Make a few extra bucks....

Make a few extra bucks....

Post by Bill Jerom » Mon, 27 May 1996 04:00:00

Please take a few moment and read this thoroughly !!

I found this great message on a Newsgroup on the Net and I want to
pass it on to everyone.

I have some great news for all you people that are broke!  and for
anyone who could use some extra cash.  After reading this message and
following the steps outlined, I think that you can do away with a lot
of  those bills that you get every month but do not have the money to
pay.  You could be making more money than you do on your regular job.

When I found this idea,  I almost ignored it because I hate get rich
fast schemes that take your money and give you back nothing.  I don't
even waste my time in reading them any more, but then I saw this
message and I read  it all the way through.  The message talked about
a way to mail a one dollar bill to five people and make up to $35,000 in
cash in 2 months.  I thought about it for a few days.  Today I  said
to myself, "it could work, I will have only spent $5, less than $2 for
the stamps, and a few cents for the envelopes, let's give it a try."

Here's the story from someone who did give it a try:
"Well, I did not think that I would hit the $35,000 dollar mark, but I
figure I could at least get something back in return since my overhead
was only $5 so I tried it.  Hiding it from my spouse, I followed the
directions in the message and mailed out a single dollar bill to the 5
names on the list, which the person before had attached
to his message, I write a small note to send with the dollar saying
"please add my name to your list."  I then took the first name on the
list off and moved the rest of the names up on slot.  Then I added my
name in the number 5 slot of the list  (The placing your name on the
list is where you make money).  I then took the new list of names,
which now included my own, and E-Mailed it to every BBS operator in
Fidonet, which is a group of BBS operators across the world.  I
figured that was a good way to get it to a lot of people fast.  I then
sat and waited for the money to come in.  I was expecting to maybe
make, at the most $500 to $600 dollars, or at least somewhere
in that area.

The secret from my wife was out after about 2 to 3 weeks.  It became
very hard to keep the secret any longer from her, because of the
return addresses.  She was wanting to know who, what and why there
people from all over the world where sending me a dollar bill.  I then
explained it to her and she could not believe it.  The mail continued
to come in every day.  My mail carrier even questioned me once or
twice.  it was a feeling beyond belief.  I guess that you want to know
how much I made now?  Well, I did not reach $35,000, but I did bring
in $14,684.  I just could not believe that it worked this well.

The first thing I did was pay off mine and my wife's car.  It felt so
good calling the bank and asking for a payoff.  I then took the rest
of the money and paid off as many of my credit cards as I could.  Now
after 1 year, I am ready to do it again.  This time my spouse
suggested USEGROUPS on the Internet, and I believe that it should
work better than before.  I think that someone could hit that $35,000
mark, but I do not know that yet.  It all really depends on you, the
individual.  You have to follow through and re-post this message
everywhere you can put it.  the more people you get it to the better
the response you will get.  It is just too easy to pass up this money
making system!

I will say this much about this system, it works!  I got hold of this
list after it had already been all over my home town.  I have talked
with everyone of the below list, and they said that they started out
thinking that it would not work.  Most of them made more than I did on
the first go around.  I am not yet really sure who started this thing
or really where, but THANKS!"

Let's look at the reasons you need to do this.  First of all it only
costs less than $7 - 5 $1 bills, 5 $0.32 stamps, and 5 envelopes that
you need to mail to the 5 names on the list.  Then simply re-post the
message and list, with your name on it, to all the USEGROUPS and
public BBS's you can.  Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy receiving
mail in your mailbox - mail with dollar bills in every envelope!  
Everybody has $5 dollars to put in something that will make them
$10,000 to $15,000 dollars in about 3-6 weeks.  Ask yourself this
simple question, "Where can I get $5?" Take lunch to work one day,
drink water instead of pop or tea five times, hold off on those
lottery tickets, and put $5 dollars in this MONEY MAKING
SYSTEM NOW!  It is really hard to lose.

Follow these instructions step-by-step if you are ready to make some
money.  You might want to make a printout of these steps to make them
easier to follow.

1.      On a blank piece of paper write the following message:

        "Please add my name to your list".

You will be paying for a legitimate service and making this money
system completely legal.  You will not be just sending a dollar to
someone, but paying for the legitimate service of adding your name to
their list.  Make sure to also write down your name and address on
this piece of paper.  I assure you once again that this is completely

2.      Fold your piece of paper around the dollar bill, (NO CHECKS OR
MONEY ORDERS), and put both in the envelope. Address an envelope to
all 5 of the people on the list.  (Be sure you put adequate postage on
the one to Canada.)  You will find that list at the end of this

3.      Now, here is where you make your money.  Look at your list of
5 people.  Remove the name in slot number 1, and move all the other
names up 1 slot.  For instance, move the name in slot number 2 up to
slot number 1.  The name in slot number 3 then moves up to slot number
2.  The name in slot number 4 should then be moved up to slot number
3, then finally the name in slot number 5 up to slot number 4.  Then
put you name and complete mailing address in slot number 5.

4.      Now, upload this updated file, with your name in slot number
5, to as many USEGROUPS and BBS conference areas and file areas as you
can.  Remember the more people that get the message the better the
response will be for you, and the other people on the list.  Give the
message a real eye catching name so it will catch someone's eye.  Some
examples are: "Need some extra money?", "Need some money quick?", "A
way to pay off your bills fast!!!", or "Money!".  Set a goal on how
much money you want to make and keep these numbers in mind at all
times.  With this goal in mind, you will get a good figure of how many
people must read the message and then respond.  You can make it easier
for people to receive your message in USEGROUPS by UUE encoding the
file when you are uploading it.  That way people can download it to
their hard drive or a floppy.  Don't alter the file type, leave it as
a MS-DOS Text file.  The best way to test the file is to open the file
using Notepad in windows to make sure the margins look right.  You should
make sure that the viewing person does not have to slide the screens back
and forth to read the message. One other thing about the list of names,
you should not try any funny editing of the list of names.  You should
add only your name and no others to the list.  If you want a friend to
do it with you give them a copy of your edited list, with your name on
it, so you can make a dollar for yourself.

5.      If you need help uploading your file, ask someone on the
system you are trying to upload to.  Somebody will always help you
with the matter.  When you upload it as a file on a BBS by sure to
give the file an eye catching name like: "CASH.TXT", or "MONEY.TXT".

6.      After you do all the above steps sit back and wait for the
money to come in. Expect to see some money start in about 2 weeks.
When week 3-4 rolls around, the money will really start coming.  It is
more than just a normal feeling to see all the  money that you will

7.      Now you pay off all your debts, and then go and buy something
that you have always wanted or maybe something that you have always
wanted to get someone else. After that, just enjoy life!

8.      When you have spent all of that money, simply start posting
the same message again.  Post it in the old places, and maybe some new
places.  Don't just delete this file after the first time, because you
can reuse it time and time again in the same
way you did the first time.

 The list of names are below.



Slot 1: George Harris
        1906-57 Charles Street, West
        Toronto, ON  M5S 2X1

Slot 2: Will Norman
        P.O. Box 1171
        Petal, MS 39465

Slot 3: Ann Russell
        P. O. Box 3517
        Scottsdale, AZ  85271-3517

Slot 4: Dave Williams
        1225 1/2 Princeton Ave.
        Billings, MT 59102

Slot 5:         Bill Jerome
        19 Leighton Road
        Falmouth, ME  04105


Note:   Try keeping a list of the people that sent you a dollar and
always keep you eyes on the local postings for your file.  Just to
make sure that everybody is playing the game right.  You should be
able to use your list of names to figure where your name should be on
the list.


Make a few extra bucks....

Post by gribk » Mon, 27 May 1996 04:00:00


>Slot 1:     George Harris
>    1906-57 Charles Street, West
>    Toronto, ON  M5S 2X1
>Slot 2:     Will Norman
>    P.O. Box 1171
>    Petal, MS 39465
>Slot 3:     Ann Russell
>    P. O. Box 3517
>    Scottsdale, AZ  85271-3517
>Slot 4:     Dave Williams
>            1225 1/2 Princeton Ave.
>            Billings, MT 59102
>Slot 5:     Bill Jerome
>    19 Leighton Road
>    Falmouth, ME  04105

Please note this has been posted incorrectly, slot 1 nees to be
swapped with slot 5.


Make a few extra bucks....

Post by st » Wed, 29 May 1996 04:00:00



> >Slot 1:        George Harris
> >       1906-57 Charles Street, West
> >       Toronto, ON  M5S 2X1

> >Slot 2:        Will Norman
> >       P.O. Box 1171
> >       Petal, MS 39465

> >Slot 3:        Ann Russell
> >       P. O. Box 3517
> >       Scottsdale, AZ  85271-3517

> >Slot 4:        Dave Williams
> >               1225 1/2 Princeton Ave.
> >               Billings, MT 59102

> >Slot 5:        Bill Jerome
> >       19 Leighton Road
> >       Falmouth, ME  04105

> Please note this has been posted incorrectly, slot 1 nees to be
> swapped with slot 5.

  Please note that nobody really cares.


Make a few extra bucks....

Post by woolbert la » Sat, 01 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Please note if you keep reposting then the thread won't die.