VWCC Peace keeping Force

VWCC Peace keeping Force

Post by Piem » Wed, 18 Jun 1997 04:00:00

O.K Attention all members involved in VWCC matches. yep Mugwump thats
Although it may hurt and possibly be embarrasing at times every member
should back any Euro side versus the Aussies. Theres absolutely no
point in in fighting.
Rule 1. Thou Shalt support the Euro team when playing Aussies.
Rule 2. Thou shalt not post a result without a word deriving from
SPOIL in the header.
Rule 3. Thou shalt Aussie bate at any given opportunity.
Rule 4 If a Euro team loses Thou shalt offer your heartfelt
condolences to your fellow members who support that team.

REMEBER the above rules only apply to VWCC games, any in fighting
regarding Euro teams v Euro teams is fine.


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