Tallis Fiasco (latest token gesture)

Tallis Fiasco (latest token gesture)

Post by Mr P Halliwel » Fri, 20 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Picked up this on the news feed this morning.  Thought I'd share it:-


Brisbane Broncos coach Wayne Bennett has threatened to kick forward
Gorden Tallis out of the club if there is ever a repeat of last Monday's
punching frenzy.

Tallis threw a series of wild punches to the head of Wigan substitute
Terry O'Connor during their World Club Championship match in Brisbane.

The incident, in which O'Connor retaliated with punches of his own, was
seen by hundreds of thousands of television viewers around the world and
has led to a spate of angry complaints from British fans and the media.

But Tallis was let off with no more than a slap on the wrist sent a
letter warning that a similar act in the future would lead to him
appearing before the Australasian Super League judiciary for possible

Super League chiefs in Sydney are said to be livid at the kid-gloves
treatment handed out by their commissioner, Jim Hall but they are
powerless to do anything about it.

Tallis told reporters Bennett has since pulled him aside and read the
riot act, telling him there was no place in the Broncos for players who
reacted like he did.

"Wayne said what I did was unacceptable," revealed Tallis. "I'm
embarrassed by the whole thing. I let my whole team down and it
overshadowed one of the Broncos' best performances of the year.

"There are no winners in something like this. I've got a black eye and a
split nose and by being sin-binned I now have 20 demerit points on my
judiciary record.

"As a result I'm skating on thin ice," added Tallis.

Tallis was also upset at the anger the incident has stirred up, stating:
"I think it's been blown up like a mike Tyson thing. But it was a
scuffle. I've seen worse incidents when no one was sent off."

Tallis claimed O'Connor had baited him throughout the match and another
player had elbowed him in the head.

He also claimed O'Connor had twice told him as the players were leaving
the field that he would get even in the return match at Central Park in
five weeks' time.

But Tallis said he won't be forced into another incident.

"Baiting by the Wigan players and supporters won't get to me," he
blasted. "If the crowd boos me it will spur me on and make me lift my


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Tallis Fiasco (latest token gesture)

Post by WiganRLf » Fri, 20 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I posted the same info as well, never mind, it will will help the Saints
fans understand if they have get to read it twice ;-).

However, back to the point, while Wayne Bennet may have made the gesture
Tallis has been picked in the Aussie SL team of the week!


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