RL drills to help RU backs

RL drills to help RU backs

Post by Anthony Andre » Thu, 23 May 1996 04:00:00

Having seen how Wigan crushed Bath at RL, and although I think Bath will win
easily at Ru there are still things I want to learn from the RL gurus out
there.  People keep talking about the running lines of RL and how strong the RL
players run.  Well I agree with how strong they run having seen Aus vs Hull
down at the Boulevard a few years ago.   However I grew up in RU country and so
have no idea about the drills that people use in RL.  Can anyone out there give
me some RL drills that would be applicable to incorprate into our practices
that would improve our backs?

I am coaching a college side out here in the US and resources and numbers are
somewhat limited so if you could keep it relatively simple I would appreciate

Thanks very much.