Money, Monie, Money

Money, Monie, Money

Post by WiganRLf » Fri, 20 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Just picked this up from the sporting life RL pages:

Supermarket giants Tesco made their first move into the world of sports
sponsorship on Thursday with a 3.25million five-year sponsorship of Wigan

It takes their total investment in the club to 12.5million, having already
bought Central Park.

As part of the deal, they will back Wigan's community education programme with
the appointment of a full-time education officer, and subsidise junior
admission charges.

Fans will also be offered money-off tokens in the matchday programme.

Finance director Andrew Higginson said: "We are the first major food retailer
to get into any kind of commercial sponsorship of sport.

"Success here may well lead to other partnerships of this kind in the sporting

Wigan chairman Mike Nolan said: "This is a momentous occasion for Wigan and for
rugby league.

"There are other big companies out there and we must join together with them to
take rugby league forward to the year 2000."

? PA Sporting Life

650,000 a year should go some way to easing the salary cap problems at Wigan

Wigan RLFC - getting back to being Simply the best -

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