Keep horror off TV!!!!!!!!

Keep horror off TV!!!!!!!!

Post by Geff Fost » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Did anyone see the Challenge Cup draw live?

It's no wonder that RL has an image problem when the public face
of RL on TV is Uncle Mo', Kath Hetherington and that bloke who's
name eludes me at this present time.

When I first clapped eyes on KH I thought they had got Roy Haggerty
to do the slot!

Was it me or did she look ripped to the***on drink and ***?

She's got scary eyes and coupled with that maniacal grin usually
associated with rabid animals she looks positively derranged.

And what the hell was that thing she had round her neck?

SOS medallion? Mutated St. Christopher? Pagan Symbol? Lost treasure of Israel?

If that wasn't enough to put me off my tea Maurice soon had me reaching
for the sick bag when he started to read out the intro in that pseudo-
posh condescending voice which he has been developing over the years.

And what about that other bloke, the Chairman of what-not, I'm telling you
he was DEAD! I swear I could see that plank of wood which was holding him

Dear Points of View,

Please keep the RL challenge cup draw off the telly until after the 9:00
watershed, it's scaring the kids!!!!


Mary Whitehouse


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