CONCORD ENTERPRISES announces new coaches wanted...

CONCORD ENTERPRISES announces new coaches wanted...

Post by Earthquak » Sun, 11 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Concord Enterprises needs a coach for the Concord Conquerors IIRL team
and Pacific Warriors WFR team.

The Concord Conquerors are one of the success stories of the IIRL. After
winning the EIRL Pre-Season trophy, they have kept competitive in the
IIRL. The players in the squad include the likes of Domic,
Ettingshausen, Brasher, Halligan, El Masri and many more fine players.

The Pacific Warriors are an excellent bunch of Pacific Island region
born players who play in the second division of World Fantasy Rugby.
They are never far from the top of the second division and soon may be
in the top division.

If you are interested in taking either or both coaching roles feel free
to reply.


Concord Enterprises -
"He marches with his football under his right arm onto
the precious green soil of Belmore. He knows this is
his last game for the best football club in the world."