Broncos v St Helens

Broncos v St Helens

Post by rgstoc.. » Sun, 16 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Wel it is almost here...only a few hours to the start....Now we will all find out whether it has been worth the wait. All this advance publicity about SL, even in London. The London evening paper (The Standard, a very right wing paper that is very influential (and IMO (can I say this is the first time I have used a abbreviation on a newsgroup page, sorry not enough time?) crap) normally pays a passing disinterest to all sports not soccer/boxing/cricket/horses/American Footie/RU even had a 12 page special insert in yesterdays paper. Colour piccies..articles by Will Carling/Offiah etc. all in all not a bad publication, obviously part funded by Sky. Even same of the newsstands had a Broncos poster advertising the paper on them. The one I saw was opposite the Law Courts Very obvious, watch out for all the judges and barristers at the game.

I still have not yet sussed out a pre/post match watering hole. My mate Bob Evans (RL supporter of the year a few years ago) named some place on the A316 near (the Ship or something similar) Richmond, apparently its opposite a *** education college run by Bev Rismans wife (He of the Broncos development team). Any Broncos supporters any ideas/thoughts (now there is a novel idea). Lets sort out one and maybe we could meet up before the game. I can always bring this laptop along, we could make it a ***pub. I'll bring the laplink cables.

Prediction........Broncos to loose by 14 points

PS Is it just me or do Cas & Warrington look like they will be having a BAD season.