Iran Vows to Ignore Internet Regulations

Iran Vows to Ignore Internet Regulations

Post by Doktor Pe » Fri, 25 Dec 1998 04:00:00


>> On the plus side, Peter Mandelson just resigned.  And Tony Blair fully
>> supports Clinton's air strikes on Congress, and is sending
>> reinforcements.

>Is it true that Tony Blair is ordering airstrikes on Iraq as
>a ploy to divert attention away from the dismal performance
>by England's cricket team in the Ashes tour of Australia?

England losing at cricket is rather reassuring, like a musty old attic
smell from childhood, or the vague tang of stale urine from granny's
bed.  It's a very important release valve for the national ego.  Once
the team starts winning, the nation gets stroppy and bad-mannered.
Not very appealing really.

Runcorn Highfield rugby league team never got so much attention, or
higher gates, when they were in the middle of their record-breaking
54-game losing streak.  No sooner had the streak ended (in a glorious
draw) than the people of Runcorn took up arms and invaded Wales.
Really.  It's much safer just to let us lose.

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