Bring back Eddie Waring

Bring back Eddie Waring

Post by Radio Transcripts Lt » Thu, 21 Feb 2013 05:23:27

On Monday evening a bunch of us watched a replay of the Bradford Bulls
"clash" with Castleford at Odsal. We thought it was a good game, but
there is one problem... the television commentary. It's quite clear
that the genii that run the Murdoch Super League have come up with the
KEY WORD for this season, and instructed their star commentators
"Stevo" and "Eddie" to use that word whenever they possibly can. See
if you can work out what that word is....

Castleford kicks off and a Bulls player is tackled. Stevo (or is it
Eddie?) explodes with enthusiasm: "And the first COLLISION of the game
is a big one!"

A minute or so later: "Some of these COLLISIONS, it's like the player
is being hit with a truck!"

Et cetera et cetera ad absurdum.

Perhaps the funniest moment came after Jarrod Sammut bombed THIS TRY-

Stevo---or is it Eddie?---raves: "To be fair, he was running at, err,
25 to 30 miles an hour..."

Which would mean he was moving faster than Usain Bolt was in the
Olympic 100-metre final.

Good to see that Rugby League, just like Rugby Union, has some top-
rate commentators.