Sky TV Coverage.

Sky TV Coverage.

Post by James Andr » Mon, 30 Mar 1998 04:00:00

    Sky TV schedule for April.

    Fri.     3rd.   Huddersfield   v   Bradford
    Sun.  5th.   Wigan             v   Castleford
    Fri.   10th.   St. Helens       v   Wigan
    Sun. 12th.  Bradford          v   Leeds
    Fri.    17th.  Sheffield         v   Bradford
    Sun  19th.   London          v   Warrington
    Fri.    24th.   Leeds            v   Salford
    Sun.  26th.  Wigan            v   London

               Bradford                 3    appearances.
               Wigan                    3
               Leeds                     2          
               London                   2
               Castleford               1
               Huddersfield           1
               Salford                    1
               Sheffield                 1
               St. Helens               1
               Warrington              1
               Halifax                     0
               Hull                          0

       James Andrew.


Sky TV Coverage.

Post by KBowen91 » Mon, 30 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Who cares?

They changed my contract so that Union would only be on 2 and League on 1 but
you now have to subscribe to get all 3!! AND UNION is now on ALL 3 with League
occasionally on 2 and if you do not subscribe then tough!

Me, I will listen on the radio.

And anyway League is not the game wants now, its Union! Just look athe
coverage, and the fact that NO FULL AUSIE GAMES WILL BE SHOWN but union Super
12 is !

Draw your own conclusions


Keith - Cougar Fan