RSRL Web Page - Problems

RSRL Web Page - Problems

Post by Mugwu » Sat, 08 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Don't blame me if you can't get in.

U-Net's Web Server has gone down.

Should be OK pretty soon.


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RSRL Web Page - Problems

Post by Andrew Mark Low » Mon, 10 Feb 1997 04:00:00

        As a Wigan fan, I would like to congratulate Saints on their great
performance, but I am pretty concerned with the display Wigan put up, or
didnt put up should I say.
        Where was the effort, the passion, the commitment to the game. A
few of the players didnt want to know in the second half. I thought that
players like Henry Paul, Edwards, Cowie, Hall and the like would be raring
to go, but Paul didnt want to know, Hall did nothing, Cowie spent all
afternoon giving penalties away, and Edwards had no runners - though that
wasn't his fault.
        If Wigan continue in such an ordinary vain come Super League, they
will get nothing but a mid table place, and as for playing
        Saints played well in the second half, and deserved to win by as
many as they did, but on that performance from Wigan, there are a few
teams who will give Saits a better game, but I think they will win it. It
seems very noticeable that the thing Wigan have had over the last few
years - guts and fighting spirit, ie 21-2 down at Hull - has gone, but
Saints had it in abundance. McRae has given Saints the final touch they
didnt have before - fighting spirit, and discipline, bar one head tackle.
        Wigan have a lot to do, and I hope they do it quick.
                A concerned Wiganer!