Bulls v Rhinos

Bulls v Rhinos

Post by <r.. » Sat, 03 Apr 1999 04:00:00

What a great result for the Bulls

I couldn't get to the match and had to watch Rhino TV - to listen to Ronnie
and Rita in their commentary - Leeds did really well and should have won -
fair enough perhaps - but if you listen to them the Bulls only won because
they scored when Marc Granville was Sin-binned - but didn't Leeds only score
in the 2nd half when McNamara was sinbinned??

The Sky bias is disgusting 2 teams play a match and to focus on just one
team whan you are supposed to be impartial says a lot about them.

Yes I am a Bulls fan but this was exactly the same case against  Wigan.

They are better than the BBC but all we ask is impartiality