a great pleasure to meet you on the Internet

a great pleasure to meet you on the Internet

Post by Amy Zen » Wed, 02 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Dear Sirs,

It's a great pleasure to meet you on the Internet.  We would like to
introduce our company to you

if you will take the time. We have been making a wide variety of fun,
innovative toys since 1981.  

Our items are mainly for exercising; many of them are CE approved.  OEM
orders and designs are

especially welcomed. As a reputable and reliable manufacturer and
designer, we are specialized

in metal/plastic products such as educational toys,sporting items,
wooden puzzles, bonnie balls, etc.  

We used to promote our items through trading companies.  However, with
the fast-growing popularity

of the Internet, this year we start to put up our homepage hoping to
reach our potential customers

directly and interactively.Please feel free to contact us for more
detailed information. If you


http://www.opentaiwan.com/toys/pri/index.htm.  We look forward to
receiving your further inquiries very soon.


Andy Peng