Sour Grapes?

Sour Grapes?

Post by Jay » Mon, 08 May 2006 17:31:27

Well done the Giants!

However if no-one can give me plausible explanations for the following
maybe it isn't sour grapes.

With Lyons and Gilmour out, why leave out Long?

Why drop a pretty unhappy looking pair of Cunningham and Pryce to the
bench? If DA was trying to give a kick up the backside to
underperforming players, why pick on 2 of the most consistent players
this season? Oh and a lot of coaches would love their underperforming
side to be top.

Does anyone know who the half backs were? Or did everyone get a turn?

Was that a deliberate change in defensive policy - walk into the line
and walk out of it?

And when you see Pryce 'packing' down at loose fprward do you finally
get the impression someone is taking th p**s?

OK some young guys got a run out and I don't criticise them but there
was nothing being put in by many of the team and a host of unforced
errors were made.

So it makes the pies plight worse - do we plan to lose to wakey too to
make it worse still?

Or is it all part of the great *** - we can now sack Anderson
and Ian can have his rightful place back having destroyed Wiggin?

Bah Humbug!



Sour Grapes?

Post by Wirral Sain » Mon, 08 May 2006 19:14:46

I think Daniel Anderson always look miserable, even with a table
topping team who until last night were unbeaten. He should smile
occasionally and actually acknowledge the fans, who chant his name
sometimes to no response.

He always looks ahead to the big games, and has regularly saved players
in matches. I think last night his eye was on the next two matches
against Warrington and Bradford in the cup. He showed a complete lack
of respectfor Huddersfield last night and tinkered too much with the
team. Saints got what they deserved against a Ginats team that
outplayed them and were up for it. In the end Saints weren't that far
off, but you cannot disrespect Super League teams in that way.

I hope next week with the big guns back Saints will be back to their
best. In truth they have not played well for the last four games, but
yet have still been getting the results.


Sour Grapes?

Post by Jay » Mon, 08 May 2006 22:51:09

I agree. They assumed they could get away with minimal effort. Such
chaotic selection gives the wrong message to the players and a well
organised opposition is always going to be in with a chance!

Hey ho - Warrington game should be a cracker. Paul Cullen is now a
contender for best coac in SL.

Hopefully Bratfud will once again be fazed by crossing the pennines



Sour Grapes?

Post by John Turne » Mon, 08 May 2006 23:05:48

"Jay"  wrote

> Hey ho - Warrington game should be a cracker. Paul Cullen is now a
> contender for best coac in SL.

Hmmm, I rate Cullen, but the current and previous coach in charge at Hull FC
both have 100% records at SL level:-

Richard Agar - 3/3
Peter Sharpe 2/2

Just hope that Sharpe's record remains intact after next weekend's visit to
Leeds.  :-)



Sour Grapes?

Post by Jay » Tue, 09 May 2006 06:49:38

Me too