Follow Up to Entertainment for Steve Jones

Follow Up to Entertainment for Steve Jones

Post by Leaguefa » Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:00:00

 Well it seems that the original post opened up a very large "can of worms"!

All I can say is that no one came anywhere near the answers I was expecting
i.e. That Mr Jones is wonderful, and that Rugby League is a poor mans union,
although several brave but futile attempts were made in that direction.

I enjoyed reading the postings but it really does amaze me how so many people
resorted to "LAZY LANGUAGE" to prove their own inadequacies.

There were those who argued their case thoughtfully and whilst not always
agreeing with the comments made it was understood where they came from.

Having played, watched, coached and refereed both games, each has it merits
and both are far superior sports to Soccer! (another controverial point?).
Its just that overall Rugby League IMO has the edge because it HAS been
professional. Union was just a game until recently. Social changes have
FORCED it to be a business now and unfortunately they have Not been big
enough to learn from Rugby league. At the top level they have managed in 4
years what it took Rugby league 100 years to do and that is***up the

Keith - Rugby League Fan

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