RL coverage in Scotland/Teletext

RL coverage in Scotland/Teletext

Post by Leighton Pritchar » Fri, 02 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have moaned recently about the lack of RL coverage in Scotland, and I
mentioned ITV Teletext in particular as being underreporters of the

There has been some interesting feedback from Teletext.

I e-mailed the feedback desk of Teletext sport (which can be found at
http://www.teletext.co.uk )

to ask why there was no coverage of rugby league on their sports pages
in Scotland:

"Dear Sir,

"Why has there been no rugby league coverage on the rugby pages (p160,
etc), at least in Scotland, since the beginning of the Superleague

"All I have been able to see are fixtures and results, usually buried
amongst several pages of RU fixtures, on a single page (168/9).

"Your coverage of RU, however, appears to have expanded to fill all the
reporting space available. In a season where already a relative outsider
team in an expansionist zone, no less important than our nation's
Capital, has reached RL's major knockout competition final and has a
good chance of winning, there has been NO coverage in my region (STV).

"Meanwhile I can read more than my fill about comings and goings at
RU teams that even Bill McLaren would have difficulty recalling, every

"I am very disappointed in this coverage, and if you expect me to sit
through your adverts, then you should at least let me have something
interesting to read at the end of it.

"Yours Sincerely,"

To his credit, the Scotland sports editor managed to reply politely to
my slightly inflammatory letter as follows...

"Dear Leighton, many thanks for your letter. I'm afraid it's an
unfortunate fact of life that the League code has a very small profile
and a very small foothold in Scotland. As with any other media arm,
Teletext is in the business of reporting and reflecting the sporting
interests of its viewers and that is why I, as Scotland editor, feel,
until there is sufficient interest in League, that I do not feel
justified in giving it the coverage that you would, understandably,
want. However, that is not a Tablet of Stone and if sufficient
development and interest is generated I would be delighted to reflect
this in the Scottish pages of Teletext."

So, aside from the obvious list of: Scottish amateur and student RL
teams; the hypocrisy of saying that no-one is interested in the sport,
though people are interested enough to want to see the scores; the
possibility (is it fact yet?) that Murrayfield will host next year's CC
final; the attendances of the last three international matches at
Firhill; and Ian Thompson's name/address, what else do you think we
could use to convince him that Rugby League is worth reporting on in
this region?


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