Survey about League and Union merging-RESULT

Survey about League and Union merging-RESULT

Post by Brendan John Connoll » Wed, 29 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Sorry it's a bit late but work got on top of me the past week.
Thanks to everyone who responded

Should the two codes merge

Yes 3

No 28

Which do you watch

League 7

Union 11

Both 13

Which country do you live in

Australia 8
Canada 2
England 10
New Zealand 5
Scotland 1

Would you watch a merged game

Yes 21

No 10

Own Comments

The majority of respondents did not want a merged code, good they both have their
good and bad points and I certainly do not thionk that they could be merged.
Most poeple who watch both games come from Australia and New Zealand, most preferred
one code but watch and enjoy the other.

On watching a merged game most of the responses were that they would watch it only
once and out of curiosity, some would only watch if it were televised.

Again thanks to all those that responded


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