Thanks Sheffield!

Thanks Sheffield!

Post by John Drak » Mon, 04 May 1998 04:00:00

Just got back from Wembley.

What a day!

Aside from the empty seats (those who missed this must be kicking
themselves, ha ha!!) it was just perfect. The pre match was great, the
weather was gorgeous, and the game, well what can I say...?

As a Bulls fan, I know what it's like to be in that stadium having
ain't easy. So credit to all those Wigan fans who stayed to applaud the
winners, and their own team, after the final whistle.

Huge congrats to Sheffield Eagles on a tremendous odds-smashing performance,
and I hope you can use this to really start pulling the punters into the Don
Valley from now on. (My god, just noticed your very next game is at home
to....Wigan!! Fill that stadium - YOU CAN DO IT!!)

Had a great time mixing with fans from all over the place today, and can't
wait to see the video of the match tomorrow.

Just a wonderful advert for Rugby League. Let's all play our part to make
sure that in future, the game's showpiece events have not a single empty
seat to be seen, because as a spectacle, RL very rarely lets us down, as
today has proved.

Thanks again to all the players, officials, fellow fans and everyone who
helped to make this a truly fantastic day for RL. Nuff said.

Proud to have been an Eagle for a Day!!

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