Leigh RL Fanzine

Leigh RL Fanzine

Post by David Parkinso » Sat, 21 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Calling all Leigh RL fans out there....I am trying to start up a new
fanzine....provisionally titled "Woody Lived Up Our Street!"

I am looking for any anecdotes concerning Leigh (past or present.)
Other spectators contributions and ideas are also welcome.

Feel free to reply directly to me.


PS...welcome to Leigh RL, Craig Dean... Good luck to the lads for 1999...I
am confident we shall be competitive this year and look out for three young
players, Stuart***inson (may sound familiar to Saints academy followers)
Radney Bowker and Michael Higham....good prospects!


Leigh RL Fanzine

Post by DHalliwe » Sun, 22 Nov 1998 04:00:00


>PS...welcome to Leigh RL, Craig Dean...

Hope this is true.  I live in Warrington and have been working in York since
late July, so all I have picked up to date is that we were talking to him


No white boots this year!!!!

>Radney Bowker

I will reserve my judgement for the time being on Radney.  I know he has done
well in the academy but not sure if he is quite a first division player yet.

What are you're thoughts on the dropping of the alliance side?