Oldham Bears

Oldham Bears

Post by p.. » Thu, 20 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Before the injury hit Bears reach Good Friday they have a little date on Friday
night with the Bulls. If they are injury hit and the Bulls play as they did for
periods last Friday we could have people searching for the record books (what
is the highest score in SL?)

The Bulls beat the Bears a couple of weeks ago without even getting out of
first gear so I don't envy the poor injury hit Bears this weekend when we've
got another game under our belt and now Robbie is getting over his winter
hibernation at Harlequins.

I don't like predicting Bulls games, but here goes. Bulls fans will outnumber
the Bears at least two to one and the Bulls will win by at least 40 clear points

Sorry but the Bears do look relegation fodder