2007 Final Tipping

2007 Final Tipping

Post by Gordon Murra » Sun, 14 Oct 2007 22:17:48

No surprise, perhaps, that most people are going
for the favourites, Saints !

And thanks to Ken Smith for noticing that I completely
lost it last weekend, when I came back from holiday,
and stupidly reported Leeds by 20 instead of 30, duh

No matter, tho, I`ve adjusted the Ladder, and it really
makes little difference.

Slight worry at the moment tho...still no sign of EasyGoing
Dave`s bus, but Scully 13 is already in the changing rooms,
and it looks as though Bill L has already won the Ladder
...irrespective of today`s result.

Hall of Fame will be updated later tonight

Hope the game`s a cracker!

Tipped Saints....16 by average of 14  spread from 7 to 24
Tipped Leeds......8 by average of 10  spread from 2 to 18

Average tips....Saints by 6

Bookies have   Saints by 6


2007 Final Tipping

Post by Easygoing Dav » Mon, 15 Oct 2007 00:36:29

Sorry for the delay, switched ISP's, having trouble getting on the
net, I was sweating a bit and thought I would have to get someone else
to do it for me, heres my prediction,

Leeds by 7