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>You know, this is really very sad. To hear people speak now, you would
>think that ARL was the worst scum of the earth, worse than child rapists.
>The fact is, at least the ARL existed only for the advancement of the
>game. You've got to allow for their many sins (God knows, who doesn't
>have those?). What have SL done for the game so far? Nil. Zippo. Zero.
>Zilch. Nought. Nothing.

I must disagree with on this point. What the SL camp have done is
to open the eyes of both players and supporters alike as to how
badly the ARL have underpayed the players over the past seasons.  
The ARL have not passed on nearly as much of the gate takings,
merchandising etc to the players as the administrative giants have
taken for themselves, but showed their arrogance several years ago
with the introduction of a salary cap.  Granted that the salary cap
was introduce for the survival of several clubs, but in this day
and age if you run a business and you can't make ago of it then you
 cease to be - thats life!

>Don't get me wrong here. I hope SL lives up to expectations. But at the
>moment, that is all SL has given us - expectations. So far it has no
>competition (eight teams? GIVE ME A BREAK!) and all it has done is drive
>the player payments sky high. It will take as long as three years for it
>to be viable.

All we have to do now is wait for the current legal fiasco to
finish then both the ARL and SL camps know where they stand.

If ARL folds and Rupert says "I can get a better return

>elsewhere", well, I hope everyone like Don Lane's AFL, because that's all
>the football we'll be able to watch.

If nothing else at least this current ARL Vs SL arm wrestle has
opend up some lively debates, and a much greater appreciation of
Rugby League:)

Alois Tusch