Russia Vs USA :Good Game!

Russia Vs USA :Good Game!

Post by S.W. Brierl » Sun, 22 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I went to watch the Russia Vs USA match last night at my local ground,
Warrington. It turned out to be very interesting.
Okay so it lacked a little discipline, and some of the passing wasn't
to good at times but what the hell, it was the best 3 pounds i have
spent lately.
What was even better was seeing the crowd really getting into the
spirit of things, it must be the only time i have been to a game at
Wilderspool and not heard anyone swearing at the ref, or the usual
chant of "the referees a W****R". The Russians even treated us to a
lap of honour......
oh and the result, Russian won by 28-26 ( I think-I got a bit carried
away at the end). A real good match, and hopefully both teams will be
in the real competitiion next time round.

Pity I can go and see their home games though....
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