What's going to happen in the next RLWC?

What's going to happen in the next RLWC?

Post by Richard Fivea » Thu, 14 Mar 1996 04:00:00

>Now that SL is banned in Australia, are we gonna have to put up with the same
>rubbish from the ARL as we did in the Fiji Nines, where they tried to stop SL
>players from representing England and all that?  Is there going top be a
>separate World Cup for Super League and one for ARL alligned players?  What
>kind of bullshit can we expect next?  After all this, does anyone out there
>seriously think League will be taking over Union as the more popular game
>anytime soon?  Shit.

SL started it first at the World 7's when they threatened players and coaches
that if they took part they would be discriminated against in future SL rep
sides, at least the players the ARL stopped from playing would have been in
breach of contracts.

I would expect the ARL to work in with the SL countries and run normal
international series, they have said they'll accomodate the British tour of
Australia latter this year.