London v Cronulla (Show some pride boys)

London v Cronulla (Show some pride boys)

Post by Steve Morri » Fri, 03 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Well I think London will lose, I haven't seen the spread betting yet but
I would guess Cronulla will start with a 18-22 spread.

I know that if London get it right it will be close, but its a big ask
of the debut scrum half Giles Thomas. Its bitter sweet that Edwards has
gone but it gives a chance to a young London based player.

I think London view him as a stop gap measure but I think that the boy
has enough talent to give it a go, with squads reduced to 25 next season
I hope that Giles isn't given just this one chance??

Still irrespective of the result I want to walk out proud after the
game, give Cronulla a real go, I just hope we have thrown off the
Sheffield result.

Go on boys  

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