and here's to you, Mr. Robinson . . .

and here's to you, Mr. Robinson . . .

Post by John Hull » Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:00:00

. . . an award from the Rugby Union Journalists Guild,  for allowing us to
save all our stories about Rugby League for another day while you made all
the efforts you could to wipe out any build-up to Saturday's Broncos/Bulls

Sacking your coach was brilliant, as it disguised from some how you and
your board  sold his squad off to be replaced with old Oldham props.

Selling Inga to Newcastle this week was a PR triumph, especially as
Newcastle haven't even got a game for him to play in for three weeks! But
it gave us headlines till Thursday.

We're off to swap dirty tricks with BA to use against Branson's Broncos.

All the best from John Inverdale, Ian Robertson, Stephen Jones, Mick
Cleary, Peter Jackson, Robert Armstrong, Steve Bale, Dave Hewett et al.

( P.S.  does Inga always look that miserable when someone doubles his pay?

(PPS keep right on without a chief executive like David Howe. You're doing
just fine)

(PPPS don't you listen to those Wigan fans. Dave Whelan is the spawn of the