Unfair treatment of John Gallagher by the RFU

Unfair treatment of John Gallagher by the RFU

Post by Dr J.S. Marsla » Thu, 30 Nov 1995 04:00:00

It was reported in today's newspaper that former All Black
fullback John Gallagher has been prevented from playing for
Kent in the Union County Championship by the RFU.  The RFU
are continuing to apply a three year stand down period on
Gallagher who played Rugby League for Leeds and London
Crusaders/Broncos on the basis that they have not yet
accepted the free gangway between the two codes and are
retaining the amateur rule for the immediate future.

Earlier this season Gallagher had been prevented from
playing for Harlequins RUFC on the same basis but has
subsequently played Union in Wales in the Evans testamonial
match with the blessing of the Wales RU.

The hypocrasy of the RFU is now plain for all to see.  On
the one hand they have professionalised the international
squad (by paying them plenty) but on the other they rigidly
apply the amateur rule so that a former Rugby League player
cannot play Union (for no reward).

By the same amateur rule, Catt and Dallagio who also played
in the Evans testamonial alongside Gallagher and Griffiths
have also been professionalised.  And Nigel Heslop, who
played for Oldham RLFC and is now playing for Orrell RUFC
should also be banned.  Perhaps no-one told the RFU about
that one.

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Unfair treatment of John Gallagher by the RFU

Post by Brendan John Connoll » Fri, 01 Dec 1995 04:00:00

This and the ban of the South Africa (sorry I can't remember his name) just show how
pathetic the RFU's are in these two countries, its about time they woke upto whats
happening or are they still bigotted that nobody who played League can play Union.
Its a pity John Gallagher has retired from Rugby League he was an excellent goal
kicker for London, he obviously enjoys playing Union and thinks he can still be at
the top, well from me good luck to him I certainly do not hold a grudge against him
not like the top idiots at the RFU.


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