Ruggers son needs help......Please read

Ruggers son needs help......Please read

Post by WJCU » Thu, 18 Feb 1999 04:00:00

                               We Need Your Clubs Help BAD!

          Please, pass this along to every Football Club, Pub or Celtic    
                      Organization, and Business that you know!!!  

                                   This IS NOT Junk Mail!
                            actually, it's Highly endorsed by;
      USA Rugby Outfitters and the Cleveland Rugby Football Club
          and many other clubs and business throughout the world!

                      Some wee ones need YOUR Teams help!                      

                             A Jersey er two too much to ask?
Greetings from 88.7FM WJCU in Cleveland!

This is an URGENT plea. An Irish-American DJ (and former scrum-half), his child
and three other infants and their family's need your help. PLEASE, read on, and
spread it just as far as you can get it! This is a worldwide effort of the
Celtic community!

We come to you as members of the Irish/Celtic community.
We are Seamiuse, Mark, Brian & Timmy of "Celtic Cross-Roads" heard here in
Cleveland on "Celtic Cross-Roads" 88.7FM WJCU . You can of course tune us in
live on the net Sunday nights as well! (just follow the link on our homepage!)

To make a very very long story short, 11 mos ago Patrick Aidan, son of Seamiuse
from our show (and member of the Irish-American, East Side-Cleveland) was born.
Within days he was diagnosed with a rare and terminal form of infantile
epilepsy. There are only 3 children like them in the world. There have been
benefits thrown by us, and many other great folks throughout the world. We hope
that you too will join in the support of this effort by the Irish/Celtic

                                      WE NEED YOUR HELP!
As part of our "Guinness World Record" attempt, and St. Patrick's Day efforts
to help these kids we will be auctioning off in one shot...a huge collection of
pub shirts and organization shirts and hats from the Celtic community we have
had donated from all over the world.


These will be used for an auction of a "Pile O'Pub/Club and Organizations
Shirts" & hats we have been sent by nice folks from around the world. This
auction will take place during a "Guinness World Record" setting 18 hour irish
music marathon we're doing on St. Patrick's day, so..........
                                         time is runnin out!

   If your Club has a T-shirt, Hat or Polo, we would be forever in your debt.
                   And if ya have a favorite pub, show their's off too!

For this we'll give ya a few things.......we'll talk nice about your club's
support for the kids, and always think highly of ya.....(remember that when ya
try ta get into heaven)!! OK, and a pint if ya get to Cleveland....

           Not a bad deal.....and besides, your helping the wee ones!....
     and the son of a fella who always supports  Celtic Sport, Music,        
                    peace and forever fostering the celtic spirit....          

    Oh yeh, of course Celtic Music....Both Traditional and Celtic Rock!

                       There is a prize for the group, pub, state or  
                        whatever that sends the most ya know....

     Contact every Irish/Celtic Pub/organization you know in the world!

Show your support for one of your own! This is a "High Visibility" charity here
and has strong national and international support!

               Think We're full o'Blarney?.... can't blame ya.....
Don't worry, as you'll see, we're for real, and we do it, as always for
charity's. A lot of em, not just this time. Stop into our page at
 Also available at your request are a ton of references from Corporate and
Individual supporters.

Be sure to get the whole story of  "Patrick's Promise" at  

    Join the many throughout the world's Celtic community in support of this
effort, spread the word of  "Patrick's Promise....
                         Their Dreams Depend On You and Me........

All the best from Cleveland, and "W U Know Who!"

Seamiuse, Mark, Brian & Timmy
"Celtic Cross-Roads"
4197 Bushnell
University Heights, Ohio  USA  44118