Brisbane Schmismane

Brisbane Schmismane

Post by Uncle Dav » Sat, 07 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Well, if that's the best the Aussies have to offer then the likes
of Wigan, Saints and Bradford must be having a quiet chuckle to
themselves.  The Aussies will probably win the overall competition
because the final will be played there but if we can draw
any lessons at all from the first game then they favour the
European clubs.

Three years ago the Aussie game was much faster and harder than
that played in Europe.  Watching Aussie SL - admittedly only
highlights - this season it's evident just how slow their game
is compared to the European one.  London took full advantage of
the astonishingly long time the Aussies allow for play of the
ball to have a rest between plays - you half expect somebody to
come on and serve them a drink they take so long compared to
Europe now!  Harrigan's liberal interpretation of the forward pass
rule (i.e. Brisbane don't make them) and some rather dubious
decisions undoubtedly helped the scoreline.

Three years ago the Aussies were stronger.  And fitter too.  This
is no longer the case.  The Strines seemed rather patronising of
London's efforts but methinks without the jet lag and playing
at home it will be different story at the Stoop in July.  

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