Conquerors coach quits...

Conquerors coach quits...

Post by Earthquak » Sun, 28 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Gday, Today the Concord Conquerors coach in World Fantasy Rugby quit.
This leaves the position for you to coach the Concord Conquerors.

Concord first came to light in the 2nd World Fantasy Rugby competition in
the first division. After winning the Earthquake Central Pre-Season
Invitational Trophy, beating the undefeated 1st WFR comp champions St
Craigs on the way to the Grand Final. It was then that Concord
Enterprises approached the Conquerors about becoming part of CE.

Concord boasts many names in it's line up, including: Campese, Lomu,
Lawless, Eales and Farr-Jones. What you will have to do is send in the
subs for the team each week and then watch as the Conquerors continue to
conquor WFR.

All the rest is done for you.

If you are interested in coaching the Conquerors for the 97/98 WFR season,


International Interactive Rugby League

Australain Interactive Rugby League

Concord Enterprises Fantasy Football


"He marches with his football under his right arm onto
the precious green soil of Belmore. He knows this is
his last game for the best football club in the world."

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