WCC. Why are we surprised?

WCC. Why are we surprised?

Post by Jonathan Taylo » Fri, 20 Jun 1997 04:00:00

It astonishes me to read all the bleating and complaining regarding our
team's performances in the WCC. Two years ago before the advent of Super
League there was much talk of the game being in dire straits and in danger
of extinction.  Since then I believe standards have improved slightly with
defences better than last year and more teams in with a chance of the

Consider before the WCC began. With the exception of Stevo did anyone
genuinely believe that we were better than the Aussies? Just watching
highlights on World of Super League should be enough to convince anyone.
Yet as soon as the first few drubbings are dished out everyone is up in
arms.  Warrington, for example, struggle to avoid conceding 50 points to
the likes of Leeds and Bradford, is it any surprise that many teams are
getting thrashed?  Admittedly there have been disappointing performances
from some teams, but St Helens lost 65-12 at home to Wigan recently and
with all their injuries nobody really expected them to excel.
The WCC has been a harsh lesson to take for fans of the British game,
though thankfully we are not good losers.The competition has come at
exactly the right time as we can now address our deficiancies sooner rather
than later and improve the standards in this country of this great sport.

Jonathan Taylor.


WCC. Why are we surprised?

Post by Jim Whur » Mon, 23 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Personally I think the WCC has been an embarassment. Having said that, the
ASL players have been full time professionals for a good while now, whereas
most ESL players have only been full-time for 12-18 months!

Being one of those with Sky Sports I saw this coming, unlike some I didn't
think the Aussie highlights they show each week were just Propoganda :)).
They show teams with far more committed defences than any of ours. U watch
the WCC games... ESL teams make about 1/4 to 1/2 the yardage of the ASL
teams in a game, thats because their defence actually advances! ESL teams
start out that way but, after about 15-20 mins, go back to waiting for the
opposition to arrive.

Another side effect of the advancing defence is that ESL teams turn over
the ball a hell of a lot. This is probably caused because they r not used
to being put under this sort of pressure - St's, Bulls and Wigan don't
usually cough up the ball early in the tackle count! Our players can't have
suddenly got worse - nope - they r just playing in an unfamiliar
environment! Given time and the correct coaching some will adapt, however,
for some "stars" the light the WCC has shone on them has shown them to be
pretty ordinary.


WCC. Why are we surprised?

Post by Jim Whur » Tue, 24 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Oh, and the Aussie answer to the advancing defence...
Steep line, players taking the ball running at pace and a few players with
"craft" - all sadly lacking in ESL!