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This is the fairest, most honest way I have seen to share in the wealth
of the world.!

Take five minutes to read this and it WILL change your life. If you want
to know how to make thousands of dollars quickly, legally, and with NO
CATCH, then keep reading.

The Internet has grown tremendously. It doubles in size every 4 months.
Think about it. You see those 'Make Money Fast' posts more and more.  
That's ... because it WORKS !  So I thought, all those new users might  
make it work. And I decided to try it out, a few months ago.  Besides,
what's $5.00, I spend more than that in the morning on my way to work on
coffee and cigs for the day. So I sent in my money and posted. Everyone
was calling it a scam, but there are SO many new users from AOL, Netcom,
etc. they will join in and make it work for you.

Well, two weeks later, I began receiving bucks in the mail!  I couldn't
believe it! Not just a little, I mean big bucks!  At first only a few
hundred dollars, then a week later, a couple of thousand, then BOOM. By
the end of the fourth week, I had received nearly $47,000.00. It came
from all over the world. And every bit of it perfectly legal and on the
up and up. I've been able to pay off all my bills and still had enough
left over for a nice vacation for me and my family.

Not only does it work for me, it works for other folks as well. Markus
Valppu says he made $57,883 in four weeks. Dave Manning claims he made
$53,664 in the same amount of time. Dan Shepstone says it was only  
$17,000 for him. Do I know these folks? No, but when I read how they say
they did it, it made sense to me. Enough sense that I'm taking a similar
chance with $5 of my own bucks. Not a big chance, I admit--but one with
incredible potential, because $5 is all anyone ever invests in this
system. Period. That's all Markus, Dave, or Dan invested, yet their $5
netted them tens of thousands of dollars each, in a safe, legal,
completely legitimate way. Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

Invest your $5 by writing your name and address on five separate pieces
of paper along with the words: "PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR MAILING LIST." (In
this way, you're not just sending a dollar to someone; you're paying for
a legitimate service.) Fold a $1 bill inside each paper, and mail them
by standard U. S. Mail to the following five addresses:

1.   Brian Truter - 101 N. Park Avenue - Springfield, IL 62702

2.   J. Campbell - 1040 C Winners Circle - Bowling Green, KY 42104

3.   Joost Walter - P.O. Box 259 - 2870-AG Schoonhoven The Netherlands

4.   S. Thomas - P.O. Box 4945 - Tampa, FL 33677-4945

5.   G. Del Buon - Horsekildevej 43 3 th - 2500 Valby - Denmark

Now remove the top name from the list, and move the other names up. This
way, #5 becomes #4 and so on. Put your name in as the fifth one on the

Post the article to at least 250 newsgroups. There are at least 19000
newsgroups at any given moment in time. Try posting to as many
newsgroups as you can. Remember the more groups you post to, the more
people will see your article and send you cash!

You are now in business for yourself, and should start seeing returns
within 7 to 14 days! Remember, the Internet is new and huge. There is no
way you can lose.

Now here is how and why this system works:

Out of every block of 250 posts I made, I got back 5 responses. Yes,
that's right, only 5. You make $5.00 in cash, not checks or money
orders, but real cash with your name at #5.

Each additional person who sent you $1.00 now also makes 250 additional
postings with your name at #4, 1000 postings. On average then, 50 people
will send you $1.00 with your name at #4,....$50.00 in your pocket!

Now these 50 new people will make 250 postings each with your name at #3
or 10,000 postings. Average return, 500 people= $500.

They make 250 postings each with your name at #2= 100,000 postings=5000
returns at $1.00 each=$5,000.00 in cash!

Finally, 5,000 people make 250 postings each with your name at #1 and
you get a return of $60,000 before your name drops off the list. And
that's only if everyone down the line makes only 250 postings each! Your
total income for this one cycle is $55,000.

>From time to time when you see your name is no longer on the list, you

take the latest posting you can find and start all over again.

The end result depends on you. You must follow through and repost this
article everywhere you can think of. The more  postings you  make, the
more cash ends up in your mailbox. It's too easy and too cheap to pass

So that's it. Pretty simple sounding stuff, huh? But believe me, it
works. There are millions of people surfing the net every day, all day,
all over the world. And 100,000 new people get on the net every day. You
know that, you've seen the stories in the paper. So, my friend, read and
follow the simple instructions and play fair. That's the key, and that's
all there is to it. Print this out right now so you can refer back to
this article easily. Try to keep an eye on all the postings you made to
make sure everyone is playing fairly. You know where your name should

If you're really not sure or still think this can't be for real, then
don't do it. But please print this article and pass it along to someone
you know who really needs the bucks, and see what happens.


*** By the way, if you try to deceive people by posting the messages
with your name in the list and not sending the bucks to the people
already included, you will not get much. I know someone who did this and
only got about $150 (and that's after two months). Then he sent the 5
bills, people added him to their lists, and in 4-5 weeks he had over