New Bradford Bulls Web Site

New Bradford Bulls Web Site

Post by John Drak » Tue, 01 Apr 1997 04:00:00

With impeccable timing, a new Bradford Bulls Web Site is launched.

It's even got it's own discussion group, so Bulls fans can chew the fat
online over the various 'goings on' in that semi final.

Brian McDermott is not innocent, but then again, neither are Barrie
McDermott, Martin Masella and Graham Holroyd.

Wonder what the Red Hall Mafia will make of it? A complete bollocks
probably, just like normal.

Russell Smith clearly lost control early on, yet Greg "I see no ships"
McCallum reckons there was nothing untoward in his 'performance' and claims
he's still in line to ref the final. Is he for real???

Are any of them for real, given that the ref at todays Salford v Paris game
sent a PSG man off (ultimately costing them the game) for grabbing a
Salford man's shirt collar!

What price Matt Elliott gets done for bringing the game into disrepute for
speaking the truth?

Bobbie Goulding must've choked when he saw what was going on in
Huddersfield on Saturday.

Rugby League. Dontcha just love it!

Do have a look at the site....

John Drake