Bradford - Changes ahead ??

Bradford - Changes ahead ??

Post by Hilary Spurlin » Thu, 23 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Taken from Sporting Life .... The Chief Exec of Bradford

"These games raised questions, but the positive news is that last
Saturday's debacle provided us with some answers.

"Fans can rest assured that in the mid to long term, action will be taken
that will give our supporters the team they deserve."

Now does that sound like a threat to some members of the team ............
or a threat ?



Bradford - Changes ahead ??

Post by Jon M Lycet » Fri, 24 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Caisley is right to be worried. 4000 fans travelled to Edinburgh (at least)
and the performances recently, apart from Leeds, aren't good enough.

There seems to be a lack of hunger in the team, and the more experienced
players should be ashamed of themselves when they look at the example set by
Stuart Fielden both during and after the game.
He's only come into the first team this season, but you can tell already by
his body language on the field that he is frustrated at the performances of
some of his teammates.
He was also one of the few players who actually stopped and applauded the
fans at the end of the game. The weekend cost a lot of people a lot of
money, and they were pissed off that the players seemed more concerned with
the inevitable bollocking  they were going to be getting in the changing

The Telegraph & Argus on 22/7 quotes Caisley as saying - " We are doing
everything in our power to bring in new players this season...they will
definitely be in place for next season."
It then goes on to say - "The club has very exciting plans - I am sure the
supporters would be thrilled at the names we have in mind."

Is this paper talk by Caisley to keep the supporters on side ?
I hope not. We need to start by making the sad but inevitable decision to
tell Bradley that he is no longer good enough.
Reihana and Donougher should quickly follow. I've never been won over by
Reihana, but I feel sorry for Donougher. Who can forget the Semi Final
performance in 1996 ?
 But he's never hit those heights since and in the meantime he is using up a
space on the foreign quota that could be filled by a top quality player - a
Kearney or a Tallis (the money is there - we keep being told)
Paul & Vaikona will both be exempt from next year, so that opens the door to
recruit 5 top quality Aussies. It's a sad reflection that we have to rely on
Aussies, but the few British players good enough to improve the Bulls squad
aren't available.