SL Club Uniforms

SL Club Uniforms

Post by Grant Tayl » Tue, 14 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Comment in the weekend press and Monday TV news has it that SL is trying to
stop club sponsors names from the front and back of team jerseys.  DB, the
Warriors major sponsor (rumoured $15m over 4 years) has told the Warriors and
SL to stick it, they will sue if they do not feature pre***ly on the
front and back as per this season.  It has been suggested that SL is looking
at handing out a bunch more cash to get the teams out of any sponsorship deals
they have.
Maybe it has more to do with DB, and the fact that it has been suggested for
some time that Lion Breweries(a NZ company that owns a good chunk of the
Australian Beer market) has been keen on taking over now that Winfield has
been shown the door.  

Anybody on that side of the ditch heard anything on this one, or who the main
sponsor next year will be?



SL Club Uniforms

Post by Michael Burk » Wed, 22 Nov 1995 04:00:00


>Anybody on that side of the ditch heard anything on this one, or who the main
>sponsor next year will be?

Haven't heard anything about it, but I hope it's true.  I hate clubs
having to wear sponsors names/logos on their uniforms.  With few
exceptions they look ridiculous.  Apart from that, it will defeat SL's
aims of making League an attractive international commodity if
parochial sponsorships hog the picture for what would amount to mere
peanuts on an international scale.

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