England -v- France

England -v- France

Post by J.K.Thom.. » Fri, 14 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Dear all,

I was present at said match last night, and surprisingly enough, enjoyed
it a little bit. I felt it my patriotic duty to attend the match seeing
as how i was one of the few people in Newcastle who knew about the game.
I was in the section opposite the cameras, one of the people who was
going wild at each try trying to get on the TV. ***y sky, wouldn't even
give us the time of day, let alone give us our 5 seconds of triumph.

Anyway, the game. Steve Prescott deservedly won MOM. Fairly impressed
with Blakeley, no bad performances really. Not that there should have

Imagine my elation to turn up at the game and find young Mozza on the
bench. At last, he's FINALLY got the recognition he deserves. Its about
time, I mean, hes been in the game for god knows how long now. About 6
months now. Seriously, I really can't explain just how great this kid is,
he's got the rugby world at his feet. Pity he didn't actually do
anything, but who cares, he will do one day.

I'll probably stop talking about him so much now cos my partner in this
pastime, Al (COAJ64), has gone home now I think.