THE INDEPENDENT(sic), at it again.

THE INDEPENDENT(sic), at it again.

Post by Antonioni P » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00


> Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 10:18:52 GMT

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> Subject: Re: THE INDEPENDENT(sic), at it again.

> >Time to start a Leaguers terrorist group. We could all train in Ecky Thump
> >and go out bombarding ignorant journalists wih flat caps and whippets.
> >Just a thought.

> Musn't forget the most lethal of the Ecky Thumpers armoury - The Black
> Pudding.

> Paul Matthews

>Remember saying of ancient sage. true Ecky thump lie not in the weapon

but in the mind.

Send your Black puddings on a postcard to The Independent, Eddie Butler
(the Observer) and virtually any other Sports Editor/R.U.columnist.

By the way, pace Steve Morris, this is not an anti R.U. thread except in
the way R.U. advocates have tended to conflate any number of class
prejudices into an argument about, basically, the qualities of two
different sports.

There shall be no mercy from the Ecky Thump academies.



THE INDEPENDENT(sic), at it again.

Post by KDaleHu » Mon, 16 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I think it's worth noting that the gorilla who deliberatly attempted to
end Doddie Wier's career has not even received a one match ban, he only
got a paltry fine.  If the same had happened in league, I doubt if he'd
have been allowed to play the game again.
Even at the elite level, union is full of thugs, and I can't think of a
more dangerous place than a union ruck or maul. In contrast elite league
players (pro and amatuer) are obsessed with discipline, and will not
readily give penalties away. Of course forwards must establish a physical
presence, but it is -usually- controlled. Or as controlled as it can be in
a high speed collision sport. The cost of giving penalties away is too
great, and even worse, getting sent off as Andy Dannatt was last week for
Hull Kingston Rovers, has cost him a four game ban at the most crucial
period in Rovers history. He was sent off for punching, an event that is
supposedly common place according to messers Cotton and Indy -
Four games v No games