Friendly Fans (was Team Mascots)

Friendly Fans (was Team Mascots)

Post by Dave Hunt » Thu, 23 Nov 1995 04:00:00


>>PS Oh waht a day yesterday at Headingley...stuffed!!!!

>>shame it hands the title to the pie-eaters, but I'd rather they had it than
>>the arrogant gits at Headingley (yes I have been to both Central Park and
>>H-Ley on more than one occasion and the Wgan fans have *always* been
>>more friendly....perhaps out of pity  ;)

>Oh, dear... "arrogant gits at Headingley", "Wgan fans have *always* been
>more friendly" ... these rather strong assertions might well incite a pretty
>acrimonious thread. Before they do, can we clarify the terms of debate?

>The only evidence offered is that the author has been to both grounds
>"on more than one occasion". Personally, I don't think the fact that I
>have been to both grounds "on more than 20 occasions" is sufficient to
>support the opposite argument.

>My PERSONAL impression is that 'on balance', the crowd at Headingly is
>one of the least partisan and most welcoming in the league - certainly

probably true for most of the crowd in most of the ground but not true of the
moronic minority in the centre of the south stand, but the same can be said of
 a number of grounds including my beloved Wheldon Road, where another small
minority in the Wheldon Road end are just as bigotted. Other groups I can
think of at other grounds are: the Fletcher street end at Wilderspool, the
popular stand side(?) at Post Office Road (what would you expect from
flat-cappers ;-) ), and the old bit of the Threepenny Stand at the Bouleevard
(if it's still standing).      

On the other hand fans at grounds such as Whitehaven, York, Carlisle, and
Dewsbury have all taken time out to talk to me about the game in progress and
the state of the game in general, but maybe this is indicative of the size of
the club rather than anything else, i.e. small less successful clubs do not
attract the moronic element that larger, more successful clubs  attract.

On the whole I think the vast majority of fans at all clubs aree friendly, but
one other thing that has to be avoided in the headlong rush for fans during
the Super League and the move to summer Rugby is the luring of the thug
element in Soccers' fanbase to the game.

One of the most disgraceful scenes I have witnessed at a match was during the
Hull vs. Castleford 1992 challenge cup semi-final at Headingley, when fighting
broke out at the electronic scoreboard end during half-time. A large number of
the group I saw fighting were Hull City football club supporters, who I had
seen coming into the ground before the match. I specifically noticed them
because they came into the ground chanting Hull City songs, rather than Hull
FC chants (Hull City were going through another of their bad spells at the
time.)  I'm not saying that the disruption was entirely their fault, but
unaccustomed to the half-time change-over ritual, they took offence to
hundreds of Cas fans suddenly arriving on 'their' territory and fighting

If we are to keep the friendly, unsegregated, family atmosphere then we must
be careful who we attract into the game.  

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>more friendly than Central Park. Having said this, I CAN think of particular
>circumstances in which my impression as been the reverse (e.g. standing
>in the less combative parts of the Central Park crowd).

>The points I am trying to make here, are that:
>a) My overall impression is ONLY a 'PERSONAL' one, and;
>b) Such impressions can be highly context dependent.

>One critical part of that context is the assumptions a spectator takes with
>them to the game in question. For example, my personal liking for a crowd
>that can give its own team as much stick as it hands out to opponents and
>refs, is undoubtably a factor which increases my positive disposition towards
>Leeds fans. .... Another is the fact that I've supported the team for about
>20 years!

>In other words, If we must get into a discussion of 'which fans are the
>friendliest', can we avoid the usual 'oh no they're not / oh yes they are'
>slanging match?


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I'm saying nothing about Sundays in Carlisle/Oldham except
   __   __  __       __  __  __  __  __      __     __ __
 /    /__/ /_  /   /__  /_  / / /_/ /  /    /_/ /  /_ /
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were absolutely diabolical!! :-((


Friendly Fans (was Team Mascots)

Post by Brendan John Connoll » Fri, 24 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I support London Broncos and have noticed at some home matches (Rochdale last year)
that some (Just a couple) of "fans" certainly did not like the fact that London were
going to be in the Super League so started barricking some of the London supporters
who to their credit did absolutely nothing and ignored them.
I must say that When I went to Halifax this year I certainly did not feel
intimidated by being only one of seven London Supporters (I was on my own and
counted the others) in fact a lot of the Halifax fans talked to me.


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