One Rugby League Comp!(In Aust.)

One Rugby League Comp!(In Aust.)

Post by PAUL J. GUBECK » Wed, 04 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hello to you all!

I am not the biggest rugby league fan, but I am a sports fan of all
football codes(as seen in my signature), however, I have found with me
and my friends that the split competition(ARL and SL) has lessened our
enthusiasm for the game. Since we live only a stones throw away from ANZ
Stadium in Brisbane, we can access all the games of the Brisbane Broncos,
however this feature of living so close is diminished due to the split
competitions and not being able to see the best teams play each other on
a week in week out basis.

I would love to see the two competitions join up, however the question is
how to do this, if this was the case for 1998?

I believe that in the first year(1998), teams should have the option to
amalgamate with each other before the season, that is if they choose to
do so. If not, then there should not be any preseason competition, but
have a straight competition with each side playing each other twice
throughout the year(with a two week lay off for a Tri-series competition
for all sides). This would mean an approx. 40 round season. However at
the end of this, the positions on the ladder will determine the divisions
each side will be in for the 1999 season.

The end of season games will be of the top 8(only in the first year)
playing for the championship(similar to the AFL draw, which works very
well), and then the next four teams(9-12) would play home-away league
type series for the opportunity to play in the Division 1 of the
Australian RL Competition(ARLC). The top two get through, so there would
be a Division 1 with 10 teams, and then Division 2 with the
remainder(10-12 teams).

Now that we have divisions, how do we relegate and promote teams between

I believe that the top team of Div 2 is automatically promoted and the
bottom side of Div 1 is automatically relegated. But also, the 2nd Div 2
team and 2nd last Div 1 team have a home-away games against each other to
see which team would be in Div 1. This seems a fair way to go about it.

Finals Series with Two Divisions?

There would be no final series in Division 2, the positions will only be
determined during the regular season. However, in Division 1, there would
be a final series with the top 5 teams to determine the champion of the

Other Competitions?

The Tri-Series for my mind would continue, however the New Zealand team
should be expanded, so it would become an Oceania team. Also, there
should be two weeks set aside for the games, so that no team is
disadvantaged from the series.

The World Club Challenge should continue, but only with the Div 1 teams
of the different sections of the world to compete in the competition.

There should also introduce a knockout cup within the Aust. competition
with the two divisions, played during the year, as in the style of the FA

Test Matches as usual will continue.

There's nothing much else I have to add, I'd really like your comments on
what you think of this. I really think this would be the fairest way of
bringing the two competitions together and to set it up so that it can
thrive into the future as one of the better football codes that can be  watched either from the sideline or on the tv!

Hope to hear all your comments!

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