London v Paris - Shaun and Martin do the Noddy

London v Paris - Shaun and Martin do the Noddy

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Broncos won this convincingly.  They dominated the game throughout apart
from the last 10 minutes, and had it won after the first twenty.
Edwards came on after 30 for Josh White and had a decent 10 minutes,
although his second tackle loosened some poor Aussie's teeth and gave
away a penalty.  He didn't come out for the second half but was soon
back on for a ***-bin substitution and stayed on, packing down at
loose forward but taking the ball at dummy-half a lot of the time.
Despite obviously being low on match-practice and playing out of
position he looked effective, getting involved in everything and linking
perfectly with Offiah for his 3rd try - they then did the "noddy", much
to everyones amu***t.  Actually, they were pissing themselves
laughing, as were we all.
Offiah had his best game so far scoring 3, all due to good backing up
infield.  On the down side he only completed one tackle and gifted the
1st Paris try by coming off his wing.  He was also dragged into touch
once, although most people thought his movement had stopped. He still
has an alarming tendancy to throw the ball anywhere when he's being
tackled, but today he found a Broncos player and the move continued for
a try.
Josh White looked really impressive again, controlling the game
effectively and making at least 5 clean breaks.  If I was Tony Currie
I'd leave him at scrum-half and put Edwards at stand-off.  Watch this
The big plus in this game was the defence.  It was solid and well-
organised, with some thundering tackles going in, particulary from
Rosolen.  Apart from Offiahs mistake the French(?) never looked like
scoring until the last 10 minutes.  Martin pulled off two try-savers and
Matterson one.  Worryingly, Martin still looks wobbly under the high
The Broncos faded a touch in the last few minutes, letting Paris in for
a late, well-earned try.  To their credit, Paris never stopped trying.
Jason Martin had a fine game at scrum half; O'Donnell and Hancock also
played well.  They've still got a lot to do if they want to avoid the
drop, though.
The crowd was over 5000, which is encouraging given that Paris brought
nobody and Wigan-Saints was on TV.  
Final score  28-10.  Go Broncos!  Even my wife was impressed{:*)

Andy Dawson


London v Paris - Shaun and Martin do the Noddy

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Much in agreement, even the touch judges & in goal judge we smiling after Offiahs 3rd try. Now he goes back to Bedford for 5 weeks (or might he turn up at Oldham on Tuesday night?). Adi Spencer
started the game (solid if not spectacular), what with Offiah and Edwards that made 3 'real' Englishman in the team! (Tollet was injured). The Broncos now look as if they are enjoying playing, lots
of celibrations after scoring tries. Last season they responded as if their spreadsheet had just balanced. The only worring thing is the lack of atmosphere, over 5000 there and it was quite. A very
dissapointing show by the Broncos back room team, they seem to think that a few dancing girls, someone on the mic who do't know too much and a kicking competition at HT (to win a new car, twice from
the touchline on a very windy day!!!) will keep the punters happy. Well it won't. Take note of what Paris did last year, copy the basketball/baseball method. Loud music while the ball is in
play...Charge...Not one for the purists, but. Mind you you should see the new bar...all stainless steel, high ceilings and a shiny new wooden floor that you could pass for a dance hall, still a pint
of Boddies (keg) was #2.20. Personally I take my own in a cool bag.

Should be a good game Sunday week at Odsal. Congrats to the Bulls, I thought they showed a lot of character today, they turned it round nicely and didn't react too much. Didn't the touchie have a
good game! Dermott much be due a long rest!!, but then again he's not a Saints player is he! (Do you detect a hint of sarcasm, perish the thought).


London v Paris - Shaun and Martin do the Noddy

Post by Steve Morri » Tue, 01 Apr 1997 04:00:00


Well an attendance of 5,200 may not be setting the world on fire but as
far as London go that is some real progress. This season there are very
few free tickets knocking about and I have not seen any 5 quid ticket
deals. The gate figures also seem to be closer to actual rather than

When you consider the price hike from last season to this (an average of
at least 5 pounds per person) it is a very positive sign that gates are
rising steadily. When you also consider the cost of seeing London play
the gate revenues must be 1.5 times greater than other SL clubs. So
London will generate the revenue off 5,200 that other SL clubs will off
a gate of seven or eight thousand.

Now that Uncle Barry has dispensed with the pre-match entertainment and
the expensive overheads that were present at The Valley he should be
eating into his losses.

Time for a full time press officer to be appointed?
Steve Morris