SPOILER Saints VS Wigan

SPOILER Saints VS Wigan

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Here is a match report of one of the greatest games of all time by
http://surf.to/saintsland an unofficial Saints site

1.Paul Atcheson "1"
1.Kris Radlinksi "1"
2.Anthony Sullivan  "5"
2.Paul Johnson"5"
3.Kevin Iro "3"
3.Danny Moore "3"
4.Paul Newlove "4"
4.Garry Connoly "4"
5.Fereti Tuilagi "2"
5.Jason Robinson "2"
6.Tommy Martyn "20"                                                 6.Greg
Florimo "6"
7.Sean Long "7"
7.Mark Reber "15"
8.Sonny Nickle "21"
8.Neil Cowie "8"
9.Keiron Cunningham "9"                                           9.Mick
Cassidy "14"
10.Julian O Neill "10"
10.Terry O Connor "10"
11.Mark Edmondson "25"                                        11.Lee Gilmour
12.Apollo Perelini"8"
12.Simon Haughton"12"
13.Paul Sculthorpe(CAPT) "13"                              13.Andy
Farrell(CAPT) "13"
14.Anthony Stewart  "19"                                          14.Wes
Davies "22"
15.Tim Jonkers "29"   `
15.Dwyane West "21"
16.Paul Wellens "26"
16.Brett Goldpsink "23"
17.Chris Smith"14"
17.Tony Mestrov "16"

2 years from the day of our last triumph against Wigan, Saints repeated it
in a game, which will long linger in our minds in one of the best ever games
of Super League. A robust Kevin Iro, scored the winner with less than 8
minutes left to send the saints fans literally crazy. A win, which no-one
except us expected, was even stranger by the low score. Saints were fired up
and for the first time in a long time showed that this was no ordinary game.
It wasn't just a trip down the East Lancs, it was a trip to Wigan. Ellery
also showed faith in his youngsters, 4 of them, Edmondson Stewart Jonkers
and Wellens, were 20 or younger. No disrespect to Macca, but Ellery has
already showed he will pick on form, put faith in the youngsters and install
a new belief. When Greg Florimo crossed the line early on, it wouldn't have
been surprising to see the heads go down. This was proved wrong when Saints
still showed a commitment to the tackles and strong runs. Things went from
good to disappointing when Saints had 42 tackles camped in the Wigan 20. The
result was zero points. All credit to Wigan's defence but at times we looked
short of ideas. Still the heads stayed up as the forwards laid the platform
for the backs to exploit the gaps. Andrew Farrell's penalty kick was just
another 2 points. 10 mins from half time, Saints had played well, controlled
the match but surely their heads would go down. I was wrong again, Paul
Newlove made a break before passing to Sully. Sullivan appeared to cross the
line cleanly but Cummins wanted the video ref to decide. The Saints fans had
already started to dance at the prospect of going in just 2 behind when the
video ref ruled no try. There was a wave of shock as most of the Saints fans
didn't realise the video ref was to control it. Now if that didn't put our
heads down what would? Well Saints were inches away from going in 12 behind.
Mick Cassidy's half break was supported by Johnson who easily rounded
Atcheson. However his pass, which would have set Connolly through skimmed
across the floor and went out. After a poor 5 tackles Martyn's kick
rebounded of a pie to Newlove. Newlove took on Robinson, and like the whole
game, made him look a prat. He drew Robinson in and this time Sullivan's try
couldnt be disputed. Now nothing stopped the Saints fans dancing. However,
on his run up to the kick Martyn slipped. So at half time it was 6-4. A
strange score but one which Saints' fans would accept.

So, to the 2nd half, Tommy Martyn's kick off sailed to Paul Johnson. Johnson
slipped though and the ball went into touch so Saints got the ball back.
After 5 wasted tackles Lomg kicked to Robinson, Atcheson sailed through the
air to catch the ball for a magnificent try which was converted by Tommy
Martyn. The next 25 minutes were a close compelling affair. Saints showed
some promising signs with few missed tackles and general impressive play.
Both sets of fans missed a few heartbeats as both teams missed numerous
opportunities. With 10 minutes left, it was 10-6 and Wigan were going
nowhere. A kick through created havoc, Chris Smith refused to collect it and
poor positional play by Atcheson meant he collect it. Smith, who was having
a shocker, left the ball for Danny Moore to sail over. Farrell kicked
through intense noise and the Saints went quiet. Their lead had disappeared
and it was very disappointing. However the Saints had produced a performance
you could be proud of. When Keiron Cunningham drew in a Wigan defender a
chance loomed, however Iro ran to Reber. Iro bounced off Reber at least
twice and the Saints' fans started to dance madly as they took the lead
against Wigan at Wigan with 5 minutes left. Emotions, which words cannot
describe, were displayed on the terraces. A frantic 5 minutes followed when
Wigan threw everything into it. With 30 seconds left Cassidy knocked on and
Saints held on to win a brilliant game. However, towards the end, it was
shown Cassidy had not knocked on but Scully had knocked it out in a 2 on 1
tackle. If Cummins had have realised this than Farrell would have had a
glaring opportunity to kick a goal from under the sticks to level the match.
Fate prevailed and Saints won a pulsating encounter.

M.O.M Kevin Iro
Ratings:Atcheson 8 Sullivan 8 Iro 8 Newlove 8 Tuilagi 8 Martyn 7 Long 8 O
Neill 7 Cunningham 7 Nickle 6 Perelini 7 Edmondson 7 Sculthorpe 7 Smith 5
Stewart 6 Jonkers 6 Wellens 6
Warriors tries:Moore, Florimo:goals:Farrell 3
Saints tries:Sullivan, Atcheson, Iro:goal: Martyn