Work UP! Weight Training Software

Work UP! Weight Training Software

Post by Don Saathof » Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:00:00

TO:  Fitness Enthusiasts and Professional Trainers

Announcing new Work UP! Personal Training Assistant software.
Designed by a Medical Doctor to help you get the most from
your workouts and stay on track.

What does Work UP! do?
 - Tracks and isolates muscle groups worked.
 - Develops comprehensive weight training regimens using a
      graphical interface of muscle groups.
 - Maintains accurate, detailed logs of workouts.
 - Promotes continual checking of workouts.
 - Improves your ability to stay motivated by showing progress
      on Work UP!'s Living Points charts.
 - Assists in varying routines for workouts - increases
      effectiveness of training and reduces boredom.
 - Tracks progress.
 - Pinpoints areas improved and areas needing improvement.

Call 1-888-4WORKUP* toll-free to order with
Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express.
(*That's  1-888-496-7587)
(8:30AM-5:00PM, Central Time, Monday-Friday; other times,
please leave a message.)

If paying by check or Money Order, please mail your order to:
     Physicians for Quality
     P. O. Box 730
     Boerne, Texas 78006

Work UP! Personal Edition is designed for use by a single
Work UP! Professional Edition is designed for Professional
Trainers and individuals to help track the workouts and
progress of many people.
Work UP! Personal Edition sells for $89.95.**
Work UP! Professional Edition sells for $129.95.**

Work UP! requires at least:  PC with a 386-25MHz (faster
computer recommended), 4MB RAM (8MB recommended), VGA color
monitor, up to 15MB disk space (depending on what else is
installed on the computer), Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, and
a mouse or other pointing device.

Professional Trainers:  Work UP! Professional Edition gives
you the competitive edge:
     Training Benefits
          Target and isolate specific muscle groups.
          Graphically show your clients' progress.
          Look at results early - after only a few sessions.
          Keep accurate records of your clients' workouts.
          Motivate your clients and keep them coming back.
     Business Benefits
          Attract new clients.
          Offer something extra to your clients.
          Expand your personal training business.
          Approach corporate clients with the most
             comprehensive service possible.
          Inquire about reseller opportunities
             for additional income.

Order Work UP! TODAY.  Call 1-888-4WORKUP toll free!
Outside the U.S., please send email to:

**plus shipping & handling (and tax if in Texas).
  Shipping & handling: Ground within the 48 states:   $4.95
                    Overnight within the 48 states:  $10.00
                    Inquire about shipping to other areas.

All product and shipping prices good through 6/30/97.
You may forward this message to interested parties if and
only if you forward the entire message.
(c) 1997 Physicians for Quality, Inc.