TGG! Online - RL fanzine updated!

TGG! Online - RL fanzine updated!

Post by John Drak » Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00

What's New on TGG! Online - Updated 20th September 1998

The Rugby League Supporters Association's annual opinion survey form was
circulated with this edition of TGG! You can join in the survey - "Feedback
'98" - by completing our online survey form, so why not spend a few moments
to have your say on the big issues...?

Turning Ugly...? Michael O'Hare wonders if Rugby League is in danger of
losing its family image as a result of the behaviour of some of its fans

Land of Make Believe: If Rugby League grounds were fictional characters, who
would they be...?

Brigadier Jones's Diary: Since his retirement from the army 20 years ago,
Brigadier Peregrine Jones has been "rugby" correspondent for the Daily
Establishment. TGG! presents exclusive extracts for your reading pleasure

Heroes & Villains: A new feature in which you are invited to wax lyrical
about the good, the bad and the ugly folk in Rugby League...current
selections include Ian Van Bellen and Tulsen Tollett amongst others, but to
save you guessing which category they fall into, have a read of the article
and save yourself the trouble.

Return of the Euro-Gnome: Michael O'Hare gets on his hobby horse again...

Books n All: The TGG! Review, including the latest books and fanzines to hit
the shelves...and why you should (or shouldn't) buy them.

Pass Notes: Forget Gazza, Michael Owen, the Hand of Hod and France '98.
We're talking World Cup's here, but not just any old World Cup, we mean the
Rugby League variety!

Diary of a Bulls Fan - Emily Aged 6: More words of mis-spelled wisdom from

South of Sheffield: Another magnum opus from the prolific pen of our man in
the smoke.

NR-Hell? this the shape of things to come in
Australian Rugby League?

Millenium: Promotion. Relegation. Franchising. Rugby League would like them
all but are they totally incompatible or can they co-exist? James Rowe tries
to find a way to square the circle and take Rugby League into the Millenium.
Ha! And you thought it was just a review of the new Robbie Williams

Lost Sympathy: Reaction to our "Sympathy for the Devil" article on Maurice
Lindsay in issue 31

And Finally...Why we love Andy Gregory.

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