French championship "finale"

French championship "finale"

Post by Pierre Carca » Tue, 30 Mar 1999 04:00:00


This  year, for the first time of its history, the final of
the French championship will be played at Charlety, Paris.
This game will be played on may 22, and the time of
the kick off will be  5 pm. This match will be also
brodcast live on Eurosport France.

Getting to the Charlety stadium ( Paris, 13 th arrondis***t)

Bus;  Porte de Gentilly-RER cite  universitaire
Car park:  Coubertin-Peripherique Porte de Gentilly

Informations and reservations:
FFR XIII-Finale 99-
30, rue de l'chiquier  75010 PARIS
TEL  01 48 00 92 56   FAX 01 48 00 07 02

price of the tickets.  FF  50


Le Rugby XIII Fran?ais

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