Wigan Fanzine...Issue 2...

Wigan Fanzine...Issue 2...

Post by Mr P Halliwel » Tue, 17 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Tales from the Riverside Issue 2 is now available.

Wigan Warriors RLFC's ONLY Fanzine...!

Buy it from WISA at the monthly meetings at the Riverside
Club, Central Park, the first Monday of every month at 8pm.

Or from the Wigan Warriors Theme Shop near the ground.

Or from Smith Bookshop, Mesnes Street Wigan.

Or Via Mail,  cheque payable to WISA for 1 pound 50 pence
to WISA, PO BOX 188, WIGAN, WN3 5FH.
Mark it clearly Fanzine Request - Issue 2.

Get it now.

Issue two includes...
A Page 3 girl.
Nigel Wright Interview.
Surviving Down South.
Good Old Central Park.
The Dave Whelan Deal to Buy Wigan.
Is Wendell the best Wing since sliced bread (or Jason Robinson).
Wigan Heroes (John Greay)
Match Reports.
and fun fun fun....!

Don't miss out....


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