IIRL - White Pointers News - 4/2/98

IIRL - White Pointers News - 4/2/98

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See below for lates White Pointers and John Hopoate news.

Graeme Kirk
White Pointers I.I.R.L.C

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Latest News:

The White Pointers travelled to Canberra on the weekend and won their fourth
match in a row with a hard fought 20-16 victory over Canberra Chill.

Fullback Luke Williamson was the star of the game, showing that his switch
halfback has done him no harm whatsoever. He scored two tries and kicked
goals to bring his season tally to 61 points. The highlight of the game was
his solo
effort early in the second half. Taking the ball in his own in-goal area
after a
massive clearing kick from Canberra half Adrian Lam, Williamson darted
three defenders who had chased the ball downfield. He then proceeded to use
his dazzling sidestep to weave his way through most of the Canberra team who
unable to lay a hand on him. Williamson crossed in the corner to give the
Sharks a six
point lead which Canberra were unable to peg back.

Next week the Sharks take on the Concord Conquerors which should produce an
interesting match. There will be plenty of rivalry there as Sharks coach
Graeme Kirk
also coaches the Conquerors sister-team in the WFR competition.

Surprise of the match was Danny Peacock's inability to score a four-pointer.
With ten
tries from eight matches, everyone now expects Peacock to score most of the
points. Danny had an uncharacteristically quiet game and may be feeling the
pressure of
all the attention lavished onto him in recent weeks by the media and fans.
Rumour has it
that Shark's publicity manager, Lady Sonia McMahon may be banning him from
interviews and publicity appearances for the next few weeks.

In other news..

John Hopoate is up out of his hospital bed and fighting fit, according to
hospital staff.
However, there remains some doubt about his mental state. Apparently,
"Hoppa" has
been spending a lot of time with other patients, particularly in the
children's ward and
amongst the terminally ill. One patient who spoke to us said that John is
claiming that
the spirit of Princess Diana has possessed him and is inspiring him to work
with the
sick and needy. A brief media report on Channel Ten news this week showed
chatting with other patients and displaying mannerisms disturbingly similar
to those
of the dead princess. Stranger and stranger

White Pointers officials have refused to take sides in the growing feud
between AIRL
president Earthquake, and EIRL vice-president Moaner. Each side has been
the other of lying and imposing fines on each other, which neither side is
prepared to
pay. When contacted this week, White Pointer supremo and AIRL
Graeme Kirk said, "I wish they'd both just grow up. Anyone would think they
were a
couple of ***agers."