Garry Schofield & the Giants

Garry Schofield & the Giants

Post by Paul McNall » Sat, 20 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Oops. Huddersfield seem to have pissed their chips a bit don't they?

Business plan at McAlpine Stadium 3 months ago.

1 - Finish 2nd bottom in Centenary Season Div 1
2 - Sign massive SL names in close season inc. Garry Schofield
3 - spend little remaining cash on this that or whatever in unrealistic
frantic panic to get promoted in inaugural season

Worst possible scenario after four games

1: Lose two of opening four games against promotion "rivals"
2: Lose Schofield for 6+ weeks through injury
3: Start to panic about impending financial disaster

Seriously. Who the ***y hell pulls the strings at clubs like that?
They could be in serious financial shit now because they're unlikely to
be serious contenders. Some of the stuff coming from them suggests they
are absolutely gutted at Schofield's loss, as if he was the guy gonna
carry them to the Super League.

It's like Barnet buying Gullit and Bergkamp and parying for success.

So much for better financial management.

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