Red Zone

Red Zone

Post by Paul McNal » Tue, 10 Jun 1997 04:00:00

>Oh dear why the hell do we need an extra zone that starts 6" inside the 20
>metre & finishes 6" from the try line. Sureley if we *HAVE* to have a Red
>Zone then lets get rid of the 20 Metre.
>    All I can see that its for is even more commercialisation of the game.
>What next a blue zone the next 20 metres to half way, and then how about a
>nice pink zone to take us up to half way.
>    Is there a legitamate reason for this zone other than to confuse the

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The original idea was I believe to allow TV viewers to know how close
a player is to the try line. That was what was said on Australia when
I was out there a few months back.